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THE CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY IN MANUFACTURING CAREERS The highest salary and benefits of any industry can be found in manufacturing. The most innovative processes and equipment can be found in manufacturing. The most available jobs of any industry can be…

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Flooding the Talent Pipeline

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By Lyle Smith A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the single largest contributors to economic development and, more important, regional job creation. These new, vibrant companies are innovative, ambitious and more often than not carry a sense of social responsibility…

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Florida Technical College

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Turning on the Talent Pipeline By Marissa Pietrobono When we speak of a Talent Pipeline, thought leaders recognize that every part of that dynamic and diverse delivery system is critical to a vibrant and robust economy. The pipeline is not only…

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Focused Education for a Better Life | Florida Technical College

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Often the motivation that brings students to Florida Technical College is perhaps 33 percent desire or 33 percent opportunity, but it is also 33 percent fear. FTC turns those fears into an actionable plan, from certificate programs than enable a graduate to get a better job, to a baccalaureate degrees that are the doorway into a new career.