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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The Wright Angle

You may be surprised to learn our founders hotly debated the constitutionality of the federal government being involved in road construction projects to facilitate travel and commerce.

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Tipping Point

The Wright Angle

Central Florida is on the verge, I believe, of an economic surge whose impact compares to the launch of Disney World in the early ‘70s or manned space flight in the early ‘60s.

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What, Me Worry?

The Wright Angle

We look this month at some of the incredible breakthroughs happening in healthcare, yet there is one healthcare dilemma most of us can do something about — worry.

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The Power of Awakenings

The Wright Angle

Education is not only to prepare people for a vocation, but to help individuals see their potential and discover what they are designed for. It removes that vision-obscuring veil to see the “what if” beyond the horizon of their own experience or culture.