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Up Close: Brooke Deratany Goldfarb

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Though she did graduate from Harvard Law, her approach to its practice brings to mind Fred (Mr.) Rogers, or perhaps the guru of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, more than the likes of Johnnie Cochran or F. Lee Bailey. Inherent in her...
John M Stewart
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John M. Stewart | The Florida Bar

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Since its origination in 1949, The Florida Bar has grown from 3,758 members to more than 108,000. For the past year, the Bar has been led by John M. Stewart – a third generation Florida attorney – practicing probate litigation...
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Up Close with Wayne Ivey: Brevard County Sheriff

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The correlation between safe and crime-free communities and economic growth is recognized worldwide. One of the chief advocates of that outcome is Sheriff Wayne Ivey. He has been described as colorful, engaged and certainly outspoken. His video encouraging citizens to...