Reaching Solutions.   Resolving Cases.
Brevard Mediation Services’ motto says it all.

Established in 2011, Brevard Mediation Services provides an experienced mediator with commercial expertise for matters involving personal injury and malpractice, employment law and matters where resolution involves an insurance company.  With more than twenty years’ experience litigating cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, and most recently, as inside counsel for a major insurance carrier, Christina Magee has resolved countless exposures, primarily via mediation and negotiated settlements. Chris is uniquely positioned to understand what drives each of the typical parties in mediation and how to close the gaps between them to facilitate successful outcomes. In addition, she is able to foster rapport with both plaintiffs and defendants, establishing credibility for the difficult decisions that come in the mediation process. A strong risk analysis skill set, tenacity and attention to detail are hallmarks of Chris’ mediation style.

Mediation is a party-driven solution to a dispute – not one imposed by a decision-maker, such as a court, a jury or an arbitrator. The outcome is not a simple “win or lose” decision. Instead, the parties decide whether they want to resolve their conflict and choose how to do so on a basis that all parties can accept. Mediation can save participants time and money, but more importantly, a successful mediation resolves the case, freeing you from the demands and costs of litigation. Mediation as a tool to resolve disputes is limited only by the participants’ ingenuity – and the mediator’s skill. Choosing the right mediator does make a difference.

Brevard Mediation Services can help you achieve a successful settlement in many different types of cases. Areas of focus include: employment law; insurance coverage disputes and bad faith; personal injury; wrongful death; products liability; consumer fraud; class actions; commercial disputes.

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  • FL Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator
  • New York University, JD
  • Member, The Florida Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
  • Member, ABA (ADR and Employment Law)
  • Member, Steering Committee, Employment Law Section of the Defense Research Institute