By George White 

TerraCom Direct Ensures Business Continuity

As technology connects offices in the same building and around the world, as well as providing resources to run their operation, the need for fool-proof backup power and data storage is essential. After all, if the system crashes, time lost trying to fix the problem means money out the door. That’s why using the services of a data center can be so important.

“Data centers in general are designed for the purpose of business continuity,” TerraCom Direct president Rich Pilock observed. “We provide operational redundancy in every aspect including power, network and cooling. If you compare this level of protection to the average small-to-medium sized business, where you are typically lucky to find generator backup power, let alone secondary Internet access and server failover, you quickly see the importance for our customers and their businesses. The average business is just not equipped for survivability.”

Formerly known as ndtHost, TerraCom Direct is part of Satcom Direct, a Melbourne-based global connectivity solutions provider.  It occupies a 25,000 square foot facility in Melbourne, and can offer its clients not only a secure location to store data, but the kind of personal service you won’t find anywhere else.

The Differentiator

“You can rent space in any one of thousands of data centers around the world,” chief operating officer Frank Huston said. “What sets TerraCom Direct apart is our customization of solutions and internal engineering support.

“While most data centers will lease you space, they typically don’t have the resources to architect solutions that integrate your business and its legacy systems into their facility. Our team of engineers specialize in solution design and we help you through every step of the transition including long term support.”

While the new TerraCom Direct building (which opened in 2013) represents a huge upgrade over its former space, the location is also home to Satcom Direct’s world headquarters, which is next door.

That should create an even greater opportunity for potential customers.

“Satcom Direct is one of TerraCom Direct’s largest customers,” Huston commented. “The close proximity of the two operations will allow for stronger collaboration on creating solutions for mutual customers.

“TerraCom Direct can serve businesses of any kind across the U.S. that need data center solutions – and due to our Satcom Direct heritage, can even offer satellite based connectivity for operations with locations in remote areas where terrestrial networks are unavailable or unreliable.”

Answering the Cloud Questions

For those who have never used a data center, or are unfamiliar with the cloud, Pilock and Huston sought to debunk some misconceptions. The cloud, for example, isn’t exactly new. Anywhere computers have been centrally managed, secured and protected can be considered a cloud implantation.

“The true innovation is not the cloud itself but the virtualization of resources within it,” Pilock said. “Virtualization technology is the true ‘game changer’ here. By virtualizing servers we allow for redundancy and dynamic allocation of resources for those virtual machines.

“Virtualizing servers takes most of the traditional hardware problems out of the equation. The days of hardware crashing and taking down a server are gone.”

Among the biggest fears a person may have about the cloud is knowing where your data resides, that they don’t have the resources or expertise to pull it off, and that they will lose control over their own data.

Not only will TerraCom Direct be happy to show you where your data is at all times, its solution design process will help show you how you can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

Cyber Security

And what about cyber attacks, which have been in the news so much lately?

“The protection of our clients’ data is foundational in our design and our methodologies,” Huston said. “We utilize state-of-the-art firewall solutions and conduct continuous vulnerability assessments to monitor and protect our systems.

“We educate customers on their own designs too, so that they protect themselves with proper updates and patch management. We also offer some advanced security solutions to meet customer requirements, such as data encryption, DDOS (Distribution Denial of Service) protection and penetration testing.”

Additionally, the center itself is managed and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week and all access is controlled so that only customers with approved credentials and assigned two-factor authentication can access the data room floor.

These are a few of the unique characteristics of TerraCom Direct. “Our facility has been online and serving customers for approximately two years without disruption,” Pilock said. “We welcome any potential customer to set up an appointment and come by for a tour. This isn’t your typical server room.”

This article appears in the October 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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