Having recently completed two projects for Parrish Healthcare, RUSH Construction has helped create state-of-the-art health care facilities that will benefit the entire Space Coast region.

By Jack Roth

Specializing in all kinds of construction projects and having built a solid reputation in the Central Florida region, RUSH Construction has never failed to deliver a project on time and has logged more than three million man hours without any lost time due to injury. Serving the region since 1984, the company has received numerous safety awards and has excelled in the performance of challenging projects, which has garnered the trust of several long-time clients. One of those clients, Parrish Healthcare, recently tasked RUSH, which is headquartered in Titusville, with building two landmark facilities — Parrish Healthcare Center at Port Canaveral and Parrish Healthcare Center in Titusville. As a result, the region now has two new first-class health care facilities that further meet the medical needs of both local residents and tourists.

Parrish Healthcare Center at Port Canaveral

RUSH Construction was excited to work with two established clients for the  $2.37 million Port Canaveral design-build project. With the Canaveral Port Authority owning the land and Parrish Healthcare leasing the land from the Port, the plan was to design a 10,000-sq.-ft. medical facility that included an architecturally pleasing exterior with aesthetic site work and landscaping. The interior build out was designed for occupational health, primary care and physical therapy in mind.

“In a design-build project, we’re responsible for outsourcing the design to a proven architecture/engineering firm that understands the scope of the work,” explained William Chivers, president and CEO of RUSH Construction. “We work hand-in-hand with the design team throughout the duration of the project and are intimately familiar with the design of the building before we even begin construction.”

“We don’t just build buildings; we build things that make a difference in people’s lives.” – William Chivers

RUSH also conducted a lifecycle cost analysis directly with the Canaveral Port Authority and Parrish Healthcare. During this analysis, factors such as HVAC energy efficiency and building materials were considered based on client expectations. The goal was to have everything in sync by the time construction started in order to limit change orders. In this particular case, RUSH completed the entire project with no change orders.

“The goal was to have two happy clients at the end of the day,” said Al Forbes, RUSH Construction’s executive vice president. “Most of our business is repeat in nature, so customer satisfaction is critical for us, and in this case both Parrish and the Canaveral Port Authority loved the finished product.”

The facility is located by the port’s Maritime Center, where there was a vacuum of medical services, especially for the thousands of cruise goers filing through the port every week. The health care center fills this vacuum by providing a myriad of health services including a walk-in clinic, primary care services, diagnostic services, workers compensation care, industrial rehabilitation and physical therapy, immunizations and sleep disorder services.

Chivers added that for this particular project, function and design was critical. “Parrish wanted the building to have a warm, non-clinical feel to it, and we worked very closely with the designers and engineers to ensure we achieved this goal. It was a great design-build collaboration.”

Parrish Healthcare Center Titusville

Unlike the Port Canaveral project, the $10 million, 60,000-sq.-ft. Parrish Healthcare Center in Titusville was a design-bid-build endeavor conceived in collaboration with both Parrish and the Mayo Clinic. In this particular kind of process, the architectural firm designs the building independently with no collaboration from the construction company, which bids on the contract and ultimately builds the facility. RUSH won the job because of its bid and its reputation for understanding health care construction nuances.

“Design-bid-build is usually not as smooth of a process as design-build, but in this case it went well, which says a lot about everyone involved,” said Chivers. “As was the case in the Port Canaveral project, form and functionality were critical to Parrish, so it helped that we have experience in health care construction.”

A more expansive project, Parrish Healthcare Center in Titusville is located in the city’s new Titus Landing retail and medical complex. The facility has three floors. The first floor, Parrish Diagnostic Center, includes a full-service dialysis center, women’s health services and a full complement of diagnostic imaging services, including X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography and lab. The second floor is home to Parrish Medical Group Primary and Specialty Care Physicians and provides family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), and neurology services. The third floor was built to accommodate future physicians offices and development.

“On all projects, but especially on the bigger ones, we always have concerns about staying on schedule, finding skilled labor, maintaining safety and managing ever-changing material costs,” explained Chivers. “By staying on top of these things, we prevent avoidable problems, and in this case everything went very smoothly.”

Now that these projects have been completed on time and the clients are happy, Forbes can take pride in these landmark buildings and considers them some of the best looking buildings in the region. “We can all appreciate having these beautiful architectural structures in town,” he said. “We’re proud of them, the employees who work there are proud of them, Parrish is proud of them, and the entire community is proud of them.”

Chivers understands that clients have choices regarding who they select to build their landmark facilities, and he is honored when they choose RUSH to do so. He also stresses that having these first-class health care facilities is important to quality of life in our region. “We don’t just build buildings; we build things that make a difference in people’s lives,” he said. “In the case of these Parrish projects, we’re glad we were able to help create facilities that will enhance healthcare delivery to both residents and tourists.”