Andy Romine

COMPANY:  Rockledge Regional Medical Center

TITLE:  President

EDUCATION:  Master of Health Services Administration, Xavier University and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Cincinnati



Andy Romine has been a longtime leader in the health care industry in his current role as president of Rockledge Regional Medical Center. He started his career as a nurse at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati because he wanted to get into a career where he had the ability to help others. While Romine found the work of caring for patients fulfilling, he considered that working in a leadership capacity might have a more profound effect on larger numbers of people.

After becoming a nursing supervisor in 2002, Romine began working in roles with increased levels of responsibility. He earned his master’s degree in 2006 and became chief nursing officer at a large tertiary hospital in Birmingham, Ala. in 2008.  In March of 2016, Romine joined Rockledge Regional Medical Center as chief operating officer and was appointed president in May 2017.

Almost 800,000 people lose their lives to cardiovascular diseases and stroke in the United States every year, with more than 1,500 here in our community. The American Heart Association has been on the job for more than 90 years to combat these diseases, and they are proud to say that from 2001 to 2013, mortality from cardiovascular diseases and stroke dropped by 14 percent. Despite the association’s efforts, one in four men and one in three women are still losing their lives every year to these diseases. Additionally, more than 36,000 newborns are born each year with congenital heart defects. It is highly likely that everyone in Brevard County has been personally impacted by heart disease in one form or another, and Romine is excited to help support the mission of the American Heart Association for a second year in a row as the Brevard County Heart Walk Chairman.