The Holz Foundation

EXECUTIVES: James Holz Pamela Holz
LOCATION: Melbourne, FL

In 2012, James and Pamela Holz needed help for their son, Loki Xavier, who was six years old at the time. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the couple found it difficult to source community, education and programmatic resources for Loki without making it a full-time job.

The couple also saw firsthand that the public schools in Brevard were not equipped to handle the specific and tailored needs of children with ASD. So, they created an environment where Loki and his peers would thrive and learn — at their own level. Puzzle Box Academy (PBA) was opened in 2014 in Palm Bay to help address the need for quality education for children with ASD and other developmental delays.

The Holz Foundation followed in 2015 as a charitable, faith- based organization that is entirely self-funded. Holz, a former Wall Street trader, moved to Florida to pursue a legal career. For the past five years, the couple has been putting the puzzle of ASD education, resources and financial support together one piece at a time. e foundation is currently associated with Puzzle Box Academy, Kaleidoscope Interventions, and Willow School in Orlando. With an anticipated opening date of July 15, the new Holz Center in Melbourne is the latest piece of that puzzle.

The foundation currently funds existing and new therapy clinics and other institutions that advocate for and assist children with developmental delays. According to the foundation, the goal is to release these children from their spiritual, physical and social struggles, enabling them to become responsible and fulfilled adults.