Corey JohnsonEXECUTIVES: Corey Johnson, Founder and CEO

Louise Jordan, Chief Financial Officer

John Cowan, Chief Information Officer

FOUNDED:  1997

LOCATION:  Melbourne, FL
Additional Data Centers in
Atlanta, GA and Toronto, Canada


As the first purpose-built data center in Brevard, Creative Network Innovations strives to evolve the way technology affects local businesses. From VoIP phone solutions to developing disaster recovery plans and much more, CNI has allowed for businesses to focus on what they do best while their techs handle the rest. However, it’s unbelievably easy to become inundated by IT companies telling you what you want rather than what you need. For this reason, CNI takes the time to learn the ins and outs of each business and develops tailored IT solutions that align with their strategic goals. With over 20 years of industry experience, their team of executives understands the importance of capitalizing on the IT department. Where most see IT as a money pit, CNI sees an opportunity to benefit monetarily from streamlined IT operations. Located in the Melbourne-Suntree area, CNI welcomes those interested in touring the data center. They recommend bringing a sweater, though, because the data center can be pretty chilly.  Visitors have the opportunity to see the servers where their data is being stored, and you can meet the team that handles it all 24/7/365. Be sure to check them out on social media where you can find the latest industry news, stay current with weekly tech tips, see upcoming events and much more.