Jonathan Joël Neptune, Director of Operations at Certon

Jonathan Neptune joined the CERTON team in mid-2010 while he was pursuing his Masters Degree in Engineering Management. During his career at CERTON, he has grown professionally and has served in many roles. He has maintained a focus on efficiencies, processes, and striving to meet the needs of clients, management, and employees. His unrelenting dedication to demonstrating a high level of integrity and confidence is one of the things that sets both Jonathan and CERTON apart from the rest.

Shortly after completing an internship with CERTON, Jonathan became Project Manager, eventually transitioned to Corporate Project Manager, and more recently became Director of Operations. As Director of Operations, Jonathan manages a more than 55 employee company and oversees the day to day operations of CERTON ensuring that projects, departments, and employees are working together to meet CERTON’s objectives. His technological knowledge of aerospace, medical, and transportation systems coupled with his management skills, experience, and training allows him to meet the needs of CERTON’s customers on a daily basis.

Jonathan is an advocate of lifelong learning. He is a two time graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology. Having already received his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and his Masters Degree in Engineering Management, Jonathan is now working towards a second Masters Degree in the field of Business Administration. This desire to continue educational growth and extensive hands-on experience in the safety-critical engineering world allows Jonathan to operate efficiently and effectively as the Director of Operations at CERTON.

For the past 10 years, CERTON has developed a reputation for providing reliable and quality safety-critical engineering services that ensure aerospace, medical, and transportation software and hardware is fail safe. Jonathan takes great pride in being part of a company with high standards of quality and a commitment to the well-being of the end users of its products. “Safety above all else” is the mantra of CERTON, and it is a motto worth standing behind