When considering moving companies, we might not all think of the value they can bring to a business. Of course, when it comes time for a corporation to make such a move, or to help their new hires relocate, the right moving company is suddenly an invaluable asset.

For corporate relocations, for instance, as their first impression the mover becomes an extension of that company’s brand and culture. Sorensen Moving & Storage is very familiar with this kind of move, with over 300 domestic moves a year and from 50 to 100 international moves for Harris Corporation. If a business and moving company are able to build this kind of relationship, both benefit exponentially.

Beyond employee relocation, Sorensen has experience in relocating highly sensitive equipment all over the world. It has transported laboratory, medical and computer equipment for a variety of customers, from R&D facilities and school laboratories, to hospitals and retirement homes. Whether hotel and hospitality, medical and lab equipment, retail fixtures, or telecommunications related, Sorensen’s services ensure the safe and efficient delivery of equipment.

About Sorensen Moving & Storage

Since 1956, Sorensen Moving & Storage has been working to set the bar for moving excellence and customer satisfaction. With services encompassing residential moving, corporate relocations, commercial services, storage, and logistics, Sorensen has become a go-to resource for both individuals and companies. Over the years, their dedication to comprehensive, reliable service has led to expansion, with their second location in Orlando opening in 2013.