For many people, living in a society where technology is an important part of everyday life means placing value on Internet security and privacy. For business owners, it is extremely important to maintain a digital security strategy to ensure that information and data of the business, as well as that of their customers, are safe from threats. This is why a company such as Creative Network Innovations, or CNI, is vital in today’s technology-rich culture.

CNI is a small IT firm based in Melbourne that focuses on outsourced Information Technology (IT) services and data solutions that assist and empower businesses. CNI is different from other companies in the surrounding area in that the company not only services clients through its outsourced IT department, but also services clients out of its own data center located in Melbourne, the first purpose-built data center in Brevard County. The services that CNI provide are not only limited to managed IT solutions but also includes cloud and data center solutions, structured cabling and software development, high level technical consulting and projects for companies and security awareness training and assessments. CNI uses a holistic approach when providing services, giving clients the opportunity to use several items at once and tailoring solutions to specifically align with a company’s personal goals and business strategy.

Corey Johnson founded the company 22 years ago after being stationed at Patrick Air Force Base and setting up tactical data centers for the air force. Once Johnson retired from the military, he began to do high end consulting with various big-name firms, thus resulting in the birth of CNI. Each year, CNI has managed to grow substantially through mainly word-of-mouth and referrals, contributing to an organic growth as a company.

CNI upholds customer satisfaction and trust as a primary value throughout the company. Its primary focus is servicing clients properly and communicating with them to ensure that the services are being implemented to their satisfaction. Being a locally based company has allowed CNI to service its customers as efficiently as possible, inviting clients to come into the main office for questions, maintaining a ticketing system to track issues, providing a live person each time a client calls in and even utilizing an after-hours service with techs working overnight to assist clients. CNI’s clients also maintain several contacts within the organization that they may reach if needed, making the company accessible and reliable for businesses in need of assistance. Alex Dunnam, head of sales for CNI, emphasizes that the company’s philosophy is to serve the community as best that it can. Dunnam states, “We like to call ourselves the ‘IT Problem Solvers’ because we don’t like to just Band-Aid problems and hope they don’t happen again; we like to find the root cause to solve it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

In terms of online security, CNI mitigates risk as much as possible inside each client’s infrastructures. According to Dunnam, proactive monitoring and management mixed with several layers of security is key to maintaining comprehensive security infrastructure. CNI understands that IT security is a crucial part of a company that stems not only from the IT firm but also from integrated staff support in part of the client. By providing awareness training, CNI educates the client’s employees on basic security measures that they may face regularly. Ensuring employees are aware of potential threats paired with continued assistance and a variety of services makes CNI a useful resource for security of crucial company data and information.

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