Health First strongly believes in having the best possible surgical enhancements to safeguard successful patient outcomes and expectations. This is why we are providing an important tool to help improve the wellness and health of the community we serve.
The O-arm System is a surgical imaging platform geared toward: spine; ear, nose and throat; and trauma-related surgeries and orthopedics. It provides real-time imaging of a patient’s anatomy with high-quality images and a large field of view in both 2D and 3D.

“The O-arm is a technology that combines radiological imaging with precise three-dimensional navigation,” said Dr. Mark Fulton, Neurosurgeon at Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center. “It is very useful in making surgery more precise and, therefore, safer.”

The technology design allows its moveable frame to open and provide lateral patient access, positioning and flexibility. Once closed around the patient, the O-arm helps with pinpoint decision making during surgical procedures, which helps to guide navigation of difficult areas with greater precision and less risk. The main benefits for patients are they will endure far fewer incisions and experience shorter recovery time.

During a surgical procedure, the O-arm provides more than just improved image quality. It also helps with sterility, patient safety and operating room accessibility. The device can be moved from one operating room to the next for imaging on demand. It is an important resource when meeting patients’ needs at any time during a procedure.

“The O-arm is especially helpful in patients with complex spinal deformities or patients that have had prior surgery,” Dr. Fulton said. “It is also finding an increasing role in brain surgery.”