David Volk of Volk Law Offices, P.A. has been Business Litigation Board Certified since 1996. Only three-tenths of one percent of lawyers in Florida have this certification which requires extensive trial experience, peer review, specialized CLE, testing, and recertification every five years. Volk was the first attorney in Brevard County to obtain this certification. Florida’s Federal Appeals Court recently stated Certification recognizes “exceptional attorneys, meaning those who stand out from others in all of the ways that make an attorney outstanding.” “An attorney certified in an area of practice is ‘somebody’ in that field.” Specializing in contract, real estate, loan, and business tort cases, he’s conducted approximately eighty trials and over seven hundred hearings as sole or lead counsel including four trials in the last ten months. 24 years experience, accounting degree, active from age 12 in his family’s businesses, and manages his firm’s operations. More information: volklawoffices.com.