The talent pipeline is a term meant to describe those individuals who currently have the experience, the drive and the talent necessary to fill an open position. Many assume that talent is gathered in the workforce or from college graduates.

However, it is important to remember that for many, a proper education is how you gain the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to be successful. So, the talent pipeline might refer to the right now, but talent is gathered long before any of us enter our career field, as we see in the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Codecraft Works is a tech LLC in Melbourne designed to provide young people with a proper STEM education. More specifically, they seek to educate and empower young men and women from 8-18 to learn to code. Jobs in coding, engineering, cybersecurity, and all the related fields are growing at a rapid pace, which means that there are many positions to fill right now, and that there will be even more to fill in the future. As the Space Coast is filled with tech superstars and engineers, widening this talent pipeline is important, and Codecraft is doing its part to help.

Codecraft has their own lab space complete with computers, projectors, and a variety of tools necessary to give kids the best STEM education they can. Here, Codecraft hosts weekly labs, class field trips and special events. This is also the place where they host their seasonal camps, keeping everyone there busy from morning to night.


Though Codecraft sounds like a funhouse— and arguably, it is—they’re keeping an eye on the industry so that they can tailor their classes towards what their students will need to know upon entering college. Right now, they’re hosting labs and online classes for Python, game development, computer science and engineering. They also encourage their students to think about the ethics of hacking and cybersecurity, proving that STEM education is just as much about teaching students how to question the world in which they live, as it is teaching the processes necessary to change it.

Of course, Codecraft Works understands that, while many would love to receive this proper STEM education, not everyone can afford to participate or have the means to travel. So, they have opportunities for students to earn financial scholarships, host online classes for anyone in the country who wishes to participate, and partner with Brevard Public Schools to take Codecraft to campus. Codecraft has also partnered with the Girl Scouts of Brevard County, which now gives young women an opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity and how they can fit into that field. They strongly believe in building a proper foundation for the future of STEM, so they do anything they can to serve as many students as possible. However, Codecraft does more than just provide an education.


For high schoolers, Codecraft is a great place to receive internship experience. As of now, Codecraft’s internship program is designed for interns to be instructors, all of them teaching labs and after school clubs at the local elementary schools. In February, Codecraft founder, Shannon Landin, organized a lunch with engineers from Collins Aerospace, that allowed for her interns to ask questions of and receive advice from these engineers about their future academic and professional careers. Though these interns are still in high school, Codecraft is already giving them the opportunity to begin networking within their field.

It is important not to underestimate our children, or the education that they receive. What they learn at a young age can shape their futures as well as ours. In an industry that’s only growing bigger, we need to widen the talent pipeline. For residents of the Space Coast, Codecraft Works seems to be the perfect place to start.

Shannon Landin, Founder