FIT AthleticsSport: Cheerleading

Hometown: South Yarmouth, Mass.

Hudson, New Hampshire

Major: Computer Engineering

Dominique Gentile, better known as Dom, is a freshman on the cheerleading team. She has been involved in competitive cheerleading for seven years, and was a member of the All-American Cheerleading team in 2015, and in 2016 competed for the National Cheerleading Association (NCA).  Prior to cheerleading, Gentile was on the Junior Olympics team for gymnastics up until 2011.  Her other hobbies include snowboarding, jet skiing and boating.

Profoundly deaf in both ears, Gentile has a cochlear implant on her right side. Recognizing that “technology is amazing,” FIT Athletics Gentile wants to be part of the growing technology workforce. Graduating early from high school, Gentile moved to California on her own for three months. During that time, she says she learned a lot about herself and changed her major from mechanical to computer engineering. “I am inspired by what can be,” she says. “I want to create and change the ideas and the mindset of the way things work in the palms of our hands. I am very excited to do so.”