Marketing is easy. It’s not magic, we are not magicians, and I can prove it. When you analyze the data, you can determine if you are reaching the right people, if they are relating to your content and if they were motivated enough to become a client. By utilizing these three data points, we can find out if any marketing is working and discover the solution.

If you are going to audit your current marketing strategy, then your first step is to track everything. Ideally, you are doing this already and this is not an arduous process. You have already installed your tracking codes from Pinterest, Facebook and Google onto your website and you can just pull up your reports. But this can mean more than tracking through a digital effort. Analyzing your calls, emails and social media messages should be a consideration as you are analyzing your efforts. If you are a novice, we recommend diving deep into your Google analytics and installing lead or call tracking software. Just by looking into your analytics, you’ll see data you never knew you wanted.

You’ve got to find out if you’re reaching the right people. The right consumers will be engaged with what you are creating. These people have bought into your brand and they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer as a business or service. Once you’ve captured this coveted audience, this is where you can make your marketing strategy work for you. Digital marketing, unlike previous tactics, has the ability to clone this audience, and based on their digital behavior, create what we call a ‘lookalike audience’ to target people who share the same behaviors. Before you know it, you have created a highly engaged, developed audience who is buying into your brand.

To get to this point you have to have an honest conversation with your marketing efforts: are you really tracking everything you are doing? Are you putting your dollars towards the right platform/ Is this platform set up best practice? Is your campaign optimized for the most cost-effective yet efficient strategy? How do you evaluate your marketing and what do you consider a success? And if you have not considered these things, where do you even start? Next Level can provide the solution. Let us capture data and analyze it for you through a transparent conversation about the bottom line. If your current marketing is not working for you, let’s talk about it. To learn more, visit