Dana Connor, CEO
Doug Connor, founder/owner

FOUNDED:  1985

LOCATION:  Melbourne

WEBSITE:  DCIonsite.com


For 29 years, Doug Connor Inc. (DCI) has ensured the quality, timely and cost effective completion of a wide range of commercial and residential projects. Today, Doug Connor and his daughter, CEO Dana Connor, lead the company, which provides construction site development, recycled concrete aggregates and vegetative debris removal.

Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA), an engineered and tested product made from 100 percent recycled material, is a specialized concrete crushing service yielding multiple aggregate products. Clean concrete from demolition projects is densified and then crushed and screened to produce variations of aggregate materials. Producing a product from recycled materials lowers costs and increases the “green” factor for construction projects.

The company’s range of products are beneficial to both the general contractor of a large construction site and to the residential consumer purchasing alternative gravel products. DCI produces the following RCA: fines, #57 stone, sub-base, pea rock, bedding stone, rubble rip-rap, and FDOT-certified road base. DCI is the only source of RCA FDOT-certified road base on the entire east coast of Florida.

There are many benefits of using RCA. DCI accepts clean concrete free of charge, and it is recycled onsite in lieu of hauling and disposing of this material in our landfills taking up valuable space. Crushed concrete is stronger and will outlast other limestone products. RCA is the most cost effective aggregate sold in the area.