Dr. Clow grew up in Brevard County and has been serving the community since 1984. He has never strayed from his goal of helping as many people as possible reach their optimum health potential through holistic care.

After 30 years of providing chiropractic services to our community with some of the most advanced technologies and techniques, it became evident to Dr. Clow that our community, and the world, was only getting sicker. This was due to not only the physical stressors that we are already successfully treating but also because of the ever-increasing neurological and chemical stressors in our environment. It became Dr. Clow’s mission to do something. At this stage of his career, most doctors would retire (or even downsize), but Dr. Clow embarked on the mission to neutralize the stressors and restore health energy back into our patients, family and community.

Dr. Clow believes that there is a tremendous gap between the latest research and the standard of medical care that most patients receive. Using only the most advanced natural healing methods available today it is his goal to bridge that gap. It’s your future. Be there healthy.