Lilly marshallRiver Oak Dental is focused on leadership and professional skills training for its almost entirely female team. In a field traditionally male-dominated, the leadership of River Oak Dental works to change both language and perception within the industry. Despite great expense to this small business, leadership is committed to providing paid parental leave and continued educational opportunities — both clinical and professional.  The work environment is inclusive, welcoming and respectful to all voices and opinions shared by team members. The owner of the practice, Dr. Liliana Marshall, shows a strong commitment to creating a safe work environment through policies on matters such as sexual harassment and equal opportunities. She prides herself on leading a team of exceptional women.

“Knowing how many outstanding women are here in Brevard, I was truly humbled to have been chosen to receive this award by the incredible team at weVENTURE. The real honor goes to the six outstanding women with whom I have the privilege of working with each day at River Oak Dental.”