Eric Parent was drawn to advertising after growing his own, personal brand as a musician; he realized he could help others do the same. Bars and restaurants began to hire him for social media consulting, which he enjoyed because he could use creativity to help businesses grow. After working as a digital marketing consultant for ten years, he met his business partner and co-founded Next Level Digital Media, a creative marketing and advertising agency that uses data and analytics to grow and scale businesses.

Throughout his career, Parent has been inspired by leadership, particularly his mother’s. He considers her to be an incredible business woman who commands the respect of everyone with whom she speaks. Throughout her career, she has always known when to delegate and when to lead from the front, and Parent has learned to value that quality in leadership.

Early on, Parent was opposed to call-to-action focused advertising. He used phrases like “content is king” and “the best story always wins.” However, after digging into the data, Parent realized the internet is more nuanced than any platform-specific strategies. His thinking evolved to include phrases like “data is king” and “strategy is king.”

The most rewarding part of working in digital marketing is turning businesses around. One of Parent’s favorite stories is of a roofer who wanted to invest in marketing and lead generation. The Next Level team created a successful campaign, which generated more sales than the client could fulfill. This forced the client to leave sales on the table because customers could not receive their roof in a timely manner. This campaign illustrated that advertising is more than generating leads; marketing professionals must understand the nuances of each industry to be as effective as possible for each client.

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