• Laura Chiesman
  • Tom Kirk
  • Robert DeVries
  • Jamie Ostrander

LOCATION:  Satellite Beach, FL

Website:  www.firstwavefinancial.com

Regardless of what stage of life you are at, or what income bracket you might fall into, having confidence about your wealth and financial future can be a challenge. FirstWave Financial’s team of experienced WealthCoaches aim to inspire the confidence of their clients through their relationship-oriented service, focusing on each individual’s needs to create a customized plan.

They work to help clients understand their goals and priorities, creating plans with milestones and benchmarks to monitor any given financial situation and aspiration. Their fundamental objective, as they explain, is to help clients along the path to transformation — to take them from worrying about their money and important financial choices like investments and retirement plans, to being confident about their financial future. With knowledge, experience and invaluable resources such as their WealthBook Series, the FirstWave Financial WealthCoach team works to empower every client with the tools they need to help them achieve their goals.

The WealthCoaches Tom Kirk, Laura Chiesman, Robert DeVries and Jamie Ostrander, specialize in taking the complexities and challenges that come with increased wealth and simplifying them to help optimize their clients’ financial lives. Each bring their own unique history in the financial business to the table. Tom Kirk, founder of FirstWave Financial, shares his knowledge in his books “Are You Worried About Your Money?” and
“Your WealthConfidence Scorecard.” Laura Chiesman is the president of FirstWave, and a Certified Financial Planner professional, who brings many years of experience to providing individualized financial strategies and solutions. Robert DeVries, Accredited Wealth Management Advisor, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist and author of “The Brighter Future 401(k),” advises individuals and also works with business owners in the design and management of retirement plan solutions. As the newest addition to the WealthCoach team, Jamie Ostrander, a Brevard County native, brings years of experience and his extensive background of financial knowledge.

The WealthCoach team at FirstWave Financial is committed to helping successful individuals, families and businesses create the life they dream about!