Title:  Owner and Founder

Company:  G.I. Tax

LOCATION:  Melbourne, FL

Website:  www.gitax.com

G.I. Tax began its mission in 2011. Being a CPA, Glenn Sandler, owner and founder, was not convinced the current tax companies provided the service that American taxpayers deserved. He also wanted to start a company that could help American veterans. Sandler found a way that would not only offer jobs to veterans but also a career. G.I. Tax was the answer.

The G.I. Tax niche is that its franchise locations will be owned and operated by former members of the United States military. Sandler asks, “Who is better equipped to take care of the American taxpayer than the person who fought for our freedom?”

G.I. Tax, now in its sixth year, will start selling franchise locations to franchisees who understand the most important thing we can do as Americans is support our country, veterans and American flag. Sandler says his goal is to have over 1,000 franchise offices around the country and the globe. The company is opening its second Melbourne office location for the 2018 tax season.

Customers appreciate that G.I. Tax offers accurate tax returns during tax season and other financial services year round. G.I. Tax has its “Patriot Bar,” similar to that of the “Genius Bar” at Apple stores. It offers free financial advice to its customers, year long, just for being a G.I. Tax customer.

Visit a G.I. Tax office today. You will see a company that bleeds America by displaying hundreds of American flags, framed copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and, unlike any other company, the Pledge of Allegiance is on display upon entry. You feel what America and being American is all about: The greatest place on Earth.