Tom Kirk, president & CEO, First Wave Financial

First Wave Financial



Satellite Beach



Tom Kirk, president and CEO





First Wave Financial, formerly CPA Wealth Management Services, offers more than just wealth management.  Tom Kirk describes it as: “We’re really in the transformation business – transforming any complex financial matter into simplicity and confidence for our clients’ future.”  Services are fee-based rather than commission-based so wealth coaches are aligned with clients’ best interests.


The company’s custom services include the Wealth Care Solution and Retirement Plan Optimizer – tools created by Kirk that are unique to First Wave Financial.


Their new corporate headquarters in Satellite Beach reflect the firm’s desire to create a comfortable experience for clients, including a family room with activities for children while parents are planning their financial future.  “When you’re worried about money you can’t enjoy life,” Kirk says.  “We begin with the end in mind so our clients end up where they want to be.”