Thomas L. Kirk CPA / PFS, WealthCoachTM, President and Founder
Ryan Lees, Financial Planner
Laura Chiesman CFP® WealthCoachTM
Robert DeVries MBA, AWMA® WealthCoachTM

A coach is different than an instructor or teacher. While they may also do some of both of these things, a coach is someone who helps establish priorities, set goals and construct concrete plans to achieve those goals. As you work toward the goals, coaches hold you accountable and help monitor your progress, including handling setbacks.

This is the kind of relationship clients experience when they hire FirstWave Financial. The WealthCoachesTM at FirstWave Financial help clients establish tangible financial goals based on a clear vision of their desired financial future. Together they develop, prioritize and implement the step-by-step actions needed to make progress in all areas of their financial life including retirement, investments, insurance, tax planning and asset protection.

And because life never happens exactly like it is planned, actual progress against predetermined milestones is monitored, so clients know where they are on their path and what needs to be done next.

The WealthCoaches TM at FirstWave Financial average over 20 years of working experience in the financial service industry. They deliver best-of- breed solutions to clients to address their financial challenges and help them create the great financial life they have in mind for themselves and their families.

There are stock brokers, financial planners, investment advisors and insurance agents on every corner. But there is one place where you can find a WealthCoachTM that you know is always on your team: FirstWave Financial.


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