While other firms may offer general financial advice about investments, insurance and retirement to large numbers of clients, FirstWave Financial delivers customized strategies and solutions to a select clientele who want a financial advocate who can champion their goals. Corporate executives are one such group.

Front: Thomas L. Kirk Back left to right: Robert DeVries, Tim Armstrong and Laura Chiesman

“CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs and other corporate leaders face a unique set of opportunities and challenges,” said Tom Kirk, president and founder of FirstWave Financial. “Stock awards, options and grants, performance based bonuses, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs), and required minimum holdings of company stock are just a few of the ties that bind a corporate executive’s personal financial future to the success of the companies they help lead, whether they are privately held or publically traded.”

“Corporate leaders are used to having a support structure at work which enables them to develop and implement strategies to move their companies forward. Our corporate executive clients tell us we fill that need at the personal level. When these clients have to make important decisions about their stock options, or electing when their SERP will pay out, or how and when to sell company stock, they do so confidently, knowing how these decisions affect their financial plan. Since we are independent and objective, they know our advice can be trusted.”

FirstWave Financial is one of the largest, independent wealth management companies in the area.  They have been serving successful families throughout Central Florida for over 17 years, delivering exceptional service with a team of highly credentialed wealth coaches and client service concierges.

Providing clients with fully integrated financial services, FirstWave Financial simplifies financial complexity and transforms your current financial concerns into confidence in your financial future.

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