TITLE: Owner and chairman

COMPANY: Orlando City Soccer Club





Flávio Augusto da Silva (above, right) could be described as the consummate entrepreneur. With a $10,000 loan, at age 21, he founded a school called “Wise Up” to teach fluent English to adults. After 18 years, the business grew into a holding company, named Ometz Group, which da Silva chaired, with 16 holdings, including the schools (with 338 franchises in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, China, the United States and 36 in offshore oil rigs). Then, in 2013, da Silva sold it to one of the largest and most influential media groups in Latin America, Abril Educação.

In the same year, da Silva became Orlando City Soccer Club’s majority owner and helped Orlando City make the jump to MLS. Moving forward, da Silva hopes to make OCSC the second club for Brazilians and the preeminent brand in Major League Soccer. With his track record, it looks like he will succeed. For example, on the team’s Facebook page created especially for the Brazilians, there are already more than 700,000 fans!

In addition, da Silva manages the “Value Generation,” a project where he shares his entrepreneurial insights with others to help their businesses gain success.