Becca Bower
Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Merritt Island, Fla.
Major: MBA


Becca Bower recently graduated from Florida Tech with a BS in Mathematical Sciences and a BS in STEM Education. She is currently a master’s student in the College of Business, and this fall will be her senior year and fourth year playing on the volleyball team. “It has been an incredible four years, and I’m lucky to have met so many incredible minds from around the world,” she said. “I’m really interested in data analytics, and I’d like to pursue a career in sportscasting. I also have a love for teaching I’d like to pursue one day as well.”

Bower’s biggest inspiration is her family, an incredible group of people who strive to be the best they can be at whatever they decide to pursue. At the end of her career, she wants the people who worked with her to be proud of her. “I want my coaches to be proud they coached me and teammates proud they played with me, so every day I try to be someone they would be proud of,” she said. “My favorite part of athletics is being someone others can look up to, and being a college athlete gives you that opportunity. I’m blessed to have young girls look up to me, and I take that responsibility seriously. They inspire me to get out of bed and give my best every day.

Bower’s teammate Brookelynn Dolin through Team IMPACT also inspires her. “She’s the most courageous little warrior I’ve had the privilege to meet,” said Bower. “She fights an incredible battle every day, and that puts life into perspective. I’m lucky enough to play the sport I love while getting an education. To waste a single day would be unfair because so many people would love to do what I get to do every day. Brookelynn reminds me to keep a smile on my face because she always has one.” ◆