The Florida Legislature is poised to appropriate $2 million in funding to the United Way of Brevard County to support homeless Floridians. While our United Way did not seek to take on this responsibility, we are honored that the Legislature recognizes the capability of United Way to effectively and efficiently administer these funds.

Impacting homelessness is a priority of United Way of Brevard County. Our United Way sub contracts with Brevard County Housing and Human Service Department to facilitate the Brevard Continuum of Care Coalition addressing homelessness. United Way of Brevard President Rob Rains, chairs our local coalition. United Way of Brevard has significant experience managing state grants and contracts.

If the appropriation is approved, United Way of Brevard County would undertake a review of the responsibilities to be a good steward of these funds for homelessness next fiscal year. Based on the limited information we have at this point, it would be our intent to ensure every Homeless Coalition in the state receive level funding for ‘coalition administrative support’ through this grant. Additionally, although it appears that less overall dollars will be available, it would be our intent to distribute the remaining funds for Homeless Housing Assistance Grants to coalitions on the same proportional basis as last year.

The United Way of Brevard County looks forward to continuing working with our community – and those around the state – to address the many challenges faced by the homeless.