Sport: Women’s Lacrosse

Hometown: Arnold, Maryland

Major: Biomedical Science major,

Psychology minor

Leah Dunn has been playing organized sports, including lacrosse, swimming, gymnastics and cheerleading, most of her life. From an early age, Dunn wanted to be a doctor, specifically an orthopedic surgeon who works with athletes. She was inspired to pursue this career by several prestigious, nationally recognized surgeons who were also student athletes. She chose to attend Florida Tech because of its advanced science, academic excellence and research programs, as well as the women’s lacrosse team. “As a student athlete, it has been a terrific combination of opportunities for me. I am a published researcher, distinguished scholar, and a member of a nationally ranked women’s lacrosse team,” Dunn says.

Performing medical research at a hospital in Maryland and at Florida Institute of Technology, Dunn had a research project published this spring in a nationally known medical journal.  “I am currently working on additional research with my professors and the experience has been instrumental in my development as a student and future doctor,” she says.  Dunn is a board member of The Future Doctor’s Organization, a non-profit outreach program focused on providing exposure to the medical field to high school students.  As a lacrosse player, she has been a part of the development of Florida Tech’s women’s lacrosse team into a nationally recognized and ranked team that competed in the Elite 8 of the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament.  Dunn says this year she and her teammates will go out to win the NCAA Division II Women’s Championship.  At the same time, she will be continuing to pursue her post-graduate medical school options.