Evan Enders

Sport:  Soccer

Hometown:  Melbourne, FL

Major:  Electrical Engineering

Originally from Melbourne, Evan Enders always had two constants in his life: soccer and school. He grew up surrounded by a hard-working family. His father was moving up the ladder at his job, while his mother was in the process of getting a master’s degree in nursing. That dedication to achievement stuck with Enders.

Enders’ father, also a soccer player, inspired him to play the game. Eddie Enders played at Florida Tech and was inducted into the school’s hall of fame in 2013. Enders did not plan on following in his father’s footsteps to play at Florida Tech, but when the opportunity presented itself, he took it because doing so allowed him to receive a degree from a great school. At FIT, Enders chose to pursue an electrical engineering degree in large part because he felt it was an interesting area of study, but he also realized it would make for a steady profession.

With his graduation date set for May 2018, Enders will look back and say it was the people at Florida Tech that made his experience there a memorable one. He has made countless friends there, and those individuals have supported him and inspired him to do great things. As Enders continues on his life’s path, he has no doubt these lasting connections will enrich his life forever.