Sam Daniel

Sport:  Men’s Basketball

Hometown:  Kingsland, GA

Major:  Sports Management

Sam Daniel was born in a small town in Georgia that boasted only one high school. He has two sisters and lives in a single-parent household with his mother. He grew up very involved in sports and music and has played the drums in his church since he was 3 years old. Football was his first love, and it was not until the 8th grade when he picked up his first basketball. The rest, as they say, is history. He immediately fell in love with the game and has not looked back since.

With the hopes of possibly getting a scholarship, Daniel worked on his game every day in high school in order to become the best basketball player he could be. Now a senior at Florida Tech, he has been on an incredible journey. In January, he broke the school record for three-pointers made (212), and while this and other accolades are a tremendous honor, what is most important to the forward is chasing a ring. He feels the Panthers are still in a good position to be Sunshine State Conference champions, and he wants to do everything he can to lead them there.

One of Daniel’s biggest inspirations is thinking about his family and friends back home and knowing how much they support him. They believe he is going to become a pro player, and so does Daniel. This helps him get through tough times and pushes him to keep working to get to where he wants to be.