New Brand Points to Florida as a ‘Superstate’ 

While this may be a new concept to some, it describes Florida’s preeminence in so many ways. Whether looking at the 19 million citizens who live here, the over 9 million who work here or the 90 million who visit, Florida is a “superstate” of people.

Florida is also a superstate in size. From sheer land mass to economic power, the state’s GDP, which is the fourth largest in the nation, outranks Switzerland and Argentina, making it more on par with many international countries as opposed to most states.

We are also a superstate of business resources and capacity. When comparing our infrastructure – which ranks #1 in the U.S. – and our easy access to international markets and to other states, once again Florida comes out on top. The state consistently ranks among the top five for space and defense systems manufacturing, engineering services, as well as high-tech manufacturing and services.

Spreading the Word

None of this should be surprising, but we are finding that those least aware of the state’s reputation as a business powerhouse are our own citizens! Now is the time for us to spread the message. Florida’s resources, full array of business sectors, access to national and international markets and our business-friendly environment make us a first-choice destination for businesses.

A new business branding initiative is aimed at building awareness of Florida’s power and potential. The brand – “Florida. The Perfect Climate for Business” – was created based on the results of extensive research, interviews, focus groups and surveys with key stakeholders, business decision makers and influencers both in-state and nationwide. Nearly 1,000 unique perspectives were gained from site selectors and business executives, state and local government officials, and community leaders, economic developers and workforce and educational partners.

Respondents were quick to point out a few key selling points for doing business in our state, such as:

• Low cost of doing business

• An educated, skilled workforce

• Access to global markets

• Top-ranked infrastructure and logistics

• No personal income tax

A Place of Prominence

The growing perception of our state as a premier business destination is thanks, in no small part, to recent improvements to Florida’s business structure, permitting processes, small business initiatives and a host of other legislation that makes doing business in Florida easier than it has ever been.

These changes, in addition to the positive employment news coming out of our state, have had a direct impact on the perception of Florida as a business state. Organizations nationwide have taken notice, bestowing some impressive superlatives on the state, including:

• #2 Best State for Business – Chief Executive magazine

• #21 Largest Economy in the World – Moody’s Analytics 

• #1 State for Talent Pipeline – National Chamber Foundation

• #1 State for Infrastructure – National Chamber Foundation

Florida’s unique business climate enhances the state’s competitiveness and credibility as a leading business destination. These facts are essential to the message that will be used to market the state globally for new business opportunities, job creation and more investment into the state’s communities. The new brand marketing program encourages the entire state to speak with one voice when promoting Florida as a top location for recruiting new economic investment or for business expansion, and aims to capitalize on the state’s positive business momentum.

The state of Florida has risen to a greater place of prominence in national and international business circles. The state is big, powerful and business-friendly. Now is the time to capitalize on the strength and diversity of our assets.