Bringing Business to the Sunshine State

Florida’s population is expected to surpass that of New York State, according to a recent census report. This would make Florida the second most populous state in the country, behind California. With an approximate growth of about 1.2 percent since January 2014, Florida is one of the fastest growing states when it comes to population. This rapid increase makes the Sunshine State an attractive investment opportunity for businesses and individuals. Considering the large spike in population, a rising real estate market and notable job opportunities, companies may find vast incentives to relocate to Florida.

Of course, such a transition takes careful consideration, as well as consolidation. As with any major change, business owners must take a careful look at the possibilities and tread with caution. Brand loyalty and clientele may potentially fluctuate once a business is placed among a new demographic and possibly in a new region altogether. However according to The Digital Journal, investors should be confident that Florida does not present such a problem thanks to a property market on a viable road to redemption. This type of improvement will allow Florida to blossom as the result of affordable pricing, low interest rates and an overall refining economic panorama. With a top-notch workforce, enviable proximity to international markets, and a nourishing environment for innovation, Florida boasts exceptional quality of life.


Real Estate Recovery

As a lifelong Florida resident and active entrepreneur, I am confident of the state’s improvement since the last recession. In many ways our economy was hit the hardest. Florida will lead in terms of economic recovery as housing and related industries are showing signs of significant strength. Reports on the economic outlook of Florida continue to support the idea that one of the facilitators for growth in Florida has been a scarcity of vacant housing stock. The report also indicates that the number of properties listed for sale has dropped to its lowest level since the peak of the housing boom. All of these signs point to a real estate market that is on the road to recovery. Investors considering whether or not to buy in Florida should take the plunge as soon as possible. Real estate values are estimated to continue rising and recovering.


National and Global Investors

Thriving tourism is another recommending factor in the decision to call Florida home, but it’s not just the vacationers bringing revenue. Outlook reports suggest the best investments are those that essentially recompense themselves through high rental profits. Overseas stakeholders make significant contributions to the Florida economy; prior housing booms were fueled by the voracious appetite of foreign investors. Finally, we are seeing that again all around Central Florida – from both UK and Brazilian investors especially.

Capital isn’t the only gain in this case. The Sunshine State is very appealing to investors from both abroad and other parts of the United States. In its unique way, Florida captures the adventurous spirit with the allure of lovely beaches and family entertainment found in its theme parks. South Beach and Disney are both great barometers of the health of the economy in Florida; both have been growing rapidly recently. The leisure and fun are assets that no other place can offer quite like the state of Florida.

Proximity to a growing housing market, general evolution of industries, consistent domestic and global interest in Florida land are harmoniously paving the way for an advancing state economy.  It’s a place that individuals, small ventures and corporations alike, should keep on their list of game-changing moves. If businesses begin to take advantage of Florida’s hot progress, they might just find their investments catching fire in the Sunshine State.


John-Ledford_BWJohn Ledford is a wealth manager and founder of Ledford Wealth Management Group.