Joe PenovichJoe Penovich
Company Name: Grills Restaurant

For Grills owner Joe Penovich, it all began with a knack for cooking freshly caught fish in simple and flavorful ways. “I wanted to take the vibe of the islands in the Bahamas – the grilling techniques, the flavors, the local atmosphere – and bring it here.” As it turns out, the ingredients for success were just right. With the original Port Canaveral location going strong for 21 years, Grills Melbourne bustling near the Pineda Causeway since 2010, and Grills Lakeside on Lake Fairview in Orlando opening in January 2018, Penovich’s restaurants are where the locals eat – and where tourists come as well, when they’re savvy enough to ask for recommendations. “With so many new jobs being created and people moving to the area, the Space Coast is just a vibrant, exciting place to live right now,” he says. ◆