Kurt WilsonKurt Wilson
Company Name: Hyperform, Inc.

In 1983, Kurt Wilson and his brother borrowed $1,000 from their parents, rented out a little spot on Merritt Island, and set out to build better surfboard “fins” with Hyperform, Inc. They soon outgrew the rental, and in 2014 moved into their current headquarters spanning 150,000 square feet. “I took a gamble moving us in here, but we wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t taken that leap, because our growth as a business took a dramatic turn with that expansion,” Wilson explains. “I’m proud of the risk we took.” Wilson has made Hyperform employees a top priority, starting an employee stock ownership plan that gives workers a stake in the business. “It’s rewarding to see people at work sharing in the success and working together,” he says. ◆