Scott lewitScott Lewit
Company Name: Structural Composites Inc. and COMPSYS

After Scott Lewit and Ron Reichard began their partnership in the 1980s, they quickly discovered opportunity in translating materials once used in the aerospace sector to the marine sector. Their strides in this field soon led to a partnership with the Navy and a contract with Florida Tech where Structural Composites, Inc. would begin.

30 years later, an expanding business model means branching out to more segments than ever. Founder and President Lewit explained how exclusive partnerships with industry leaders offer a mutually beneficial opportunity. Their first partnership, Wabash National, a commercial trailer manufacturer, has already delivered results: “Introducing our tech to their market, we help them advance their technology, and we create new technology we can use in the future.” With their strong community presence and long list of accolades, branching out, both for Lewit and for the companies he leads, continues to breed opportunities leading to remarkable breakthroughs. ◆