For Dr. Frank Christopian, nothing is more important than helping students succeed. Among the best ways to accomplish that goal is through the new bachelor’s degrees in Business at Eastern Florida State College. The Assistant Professor of Business is helping steer the degrees forward, using a 30-year career at Ford and Northrop Grumman to bring real world experience into the classroom.

The college currently offers four-year Business degree tracks in Organizational Management in General Business, Healthcare Management, Public Safety Management and Sales and Marketing. A new bachelor’s degree track in Human Resources Management will start in January 2016 with more baccalaureate business tracks planned. The Business degrees are highly popular with hundreds of students enrolled because they know the payoff is worth the work.

“Our focus is on adult learning and students who are looking for a job or advancement in their careers,” said Christopian. “Our bachelor’s degrees in Business can help them get that promotion, especially into management. This is the one thing that is helping them break through the glass ceiling.”

The average age of a bachelor’s student at Eastern Florida is 32, showing the degrees are meeting an important educational need in the community. The programs are affordable and allow students to stay close to their Brevard County homes. Students can also take courses on campus and online, providing the flexibility many need as they juggle work and family. Three tracks will soon be available completely online – General Business and Sales and Marketing starting in January 2016, and Human Resources Management starting in summer 2016.

Christopian expects local and regional job growth in business fields to remain strong with the technology and healthcare sectors continuing to expand. He also sees opportunities in the growing commercial space industry at Kennedy Space Center where firms are preparing new spacecraft to launch the next generation of human spaceflight. That makes a bachelor’s degree in Business from Eastern Florida a smart investment.

“The degrees are a great fit that give graduates a wide range of excellent opportunities now and in the years ahead,” he said.


This article appears in the December 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Business.
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