Specializing in audio components and sound amplifiers, Geshelli Labs aims to produce reliable audio products that heighten listening experiences by creating clear and authentic sound quality. With a newly opened office in Melbourne, all of the company’s products are designed, tested and assembled in the United States. Geshelli Labs is customer focused, aiming to produce quality audio products at affordable prices so consumers can enjoy listening to music in its most authentic form without breaking the bank.

Owned by husband and wife duo Geno and Sherri Bisceglia, the company began with the desire to find quality audio products for a good price. Geno Bisceglia, who is an engineer, decided to create his own Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) in order to obtain clearer sound and improve his listening experience. With help and encouragement from his wife Sherri Bisceglia, he began selling this product online and contributing to a market for audio gear. The company’s first consumers were employees at the Patrick Air Force Base in Brevard County. In honor of its first customers, all first responders and military personnel receive a 10% discount on Geshelli Labs products.

The audio products available to buy on the company’s website include the ENOG2 Pro DAC and Archel Pro Amp. These products are offered in clear, Plexi cases in order to preserve a vintage look and the theme of clarity. Geshelli Labs focuses a great deal on custom work and details in order to satisfy customers and provide them with the best service possible. Geshelli Labs produces products in a variety of colors as well, which do tend to sell quickly. With an increase in demand, the company hopes to expand its range of products in early fall of 2019.

The production of quality audio components does, however, come with its fair share of challenges. All products must pass FCC and safety regulations, which can be expensive and time consuming. It is also one of the only audio-specific companies that have a female at its center. Although breaking through the barrier of a male-dominated industry and hobby can be challenging for many women, Sherri Bisceglia’s journey as a female audiophile has been very supported and backed by the community.

Through the challenges of creating and establishing audio boards and prototypes, Geshelli Labs’ mission for generating quality, affordable and customer-centric sound and audio products never falters. “We’re pretty casual about what we do,” says Sherri Bisceglia. “I’m just really proud of the fact that there is a small company in Florida making really quality audio gear.”

For many people, the accurate representation of audio is a significant aspect of listening to any genre of music or even one’s own self-generated sound. The difference can definitely be heard when comparing standard headphones to the DAC or amps that Geshelli Labs offers. Consumers are able to hear music in its purest form: clear, authentic and real.