Glenn S. Sandler CPA, MAC, CVA, CFE, CFF, President

G.I. Tax has become the premier tax preparation service company in the State of Florida. Glenn Sandler has not only found a way for G.I. Tax to offer tax payers the much needed service of preparing accurate tax returns in a professional manner; he also offers various free financial advice to his customers year round. G.I. Tax’s “patriot bar” is similar to the “genius bar” at Apple stores. The “patriot bar” offers free financial advice to G.I. Tax customers all year long just for being a G.I. Tax client.

Sandler explains, “Other tax prep companies just prepare tax returns for customers and then they forget about them until the next year. Many (most) of the other tax prep companies even close from April to December. G.I. Tax is different, ‘off-season’ is really our ‘on-season.’ We are our customers’ financial consultants and should be there all year for them, not just during tax season.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.55.07 AMG.I. Tax’s niche is that franchise locations are owned and operated by former members of the United States military. Sandler asks, “Who is better equipped to take care of the American tax payer than the person who fought for our freedom?” Most importantly, Sandler wants G.I. Tax to become a fraternity of American heroes who can all work together when they come home from fighting for our country. Sandler has plans for more G.I. tax locations in Brevard and expects the company to grow to more than 1,000 locations across the country. 

G.I. Tax donates a portion of every tax return to support military charities and wants to become one of the largest supporters of military charities in the country. Their offices, adorned with beautiful American flags, red, white, and blue décor, and Pledge of Allegiance artwork, have visiting clients proud and patriotic.

3600 N. Wickham Rd., Suite 106, Melbourne, FL 32935  •  (321) 259-4482