The National Veterans Homeless Support, Inc. (NVHS) was founded by veteran George Taylor, himself once homeless, to locate and assist the more than 4,500 homeless veterans living in the parks, forests, and streets of Central Florida.  There are 485 homeless veterans living in Brevard alone.

The organization’s mission is to eliminate homelessness among veterans.  Programs include search and rescue teams that physically go out each day, searching for the veterans and providing basic necessities like food, toothbrushes and clean clothes.  NVHS also connects veterans with resources and organizations that assist them in getting back into society again.

A transitional house in Titusville accommodates 4-5 vets at a time.  The shelter houses the veterans for 90 to 180 days while they find work and a more permanent home.

The organization also hosts annual Stand Downs, where veterans are offered a hot meal and receive access to services such as medical care, new boots, backpacks, clothes, warm food, showers, haircuts, and hygiene items.  Assistance is offered by VA claims specialists and Department of Motor Vehicles personnel for ID’s, licenses, legal advice and more.

During the holiday season, veterans are offered a motel stay for two days during Christmas.

NVHS has no employees, is run by all volunteers, and is community-funded.  “Community support is what it’s all about,” Taylor says.

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