Every homeowner knows from experience the labor and expenses involved in keeping even a modest 2,000 square-foot home from disrepair. Daily, monthly and annually there are repairs that have to be made, equipment that must be replaced and the routine maintenance required to sustain the operation and value of any real estate investment.

Imagine those same responsibilities for a 25,000 or 250,000 square-foot facility at a commercial or industrial level where retail foot traffic or daily manufacturing takes place.

Hero Facility Services is a management company that takes much of this burden off corporate facility managers and business owners by providing efficient, time-and cost-effective solutions without the need for an expanded facilities staff, in most cases.

Photography by Jason Hook

The husband-and-wife team of Jason and Tamara Duhamel founded the company in 2018. Building on their complimentary skill sets and experience, they believed they could offer better service and value than other competitors in the field. It was a conviction and determination that has paid off, as today their clients include some of the largest commercial, realty, aerospace and technology companies on the Space Coast, while expanding their operations to all 50 states.

In fact, Jason and Tamara Duhamel have grown the business so effectively that Hero Facility Services went from 1,027 sites serviced in 2019 with approximately 3,000 service requests to 3,100 sites and 6,700 service requests in 2020. Jason estimates the company is on track in 2021 to complete more than 12,000 service requests.

One reason for this astonishing growth is the proprietary management software that Jason wrote and continues to update. “The software enables us to track every project for every client and ensure the costs for both services and any parts or equipment we replace is competitively priced. Then, we provide all those analytics to our clients, ensuring a collaborative dialog and partnership”, he said.

Further, added Tamara, “Our clients know that when they call us they don’t have to worry about the job getting done on-time and at the most reasonable price; it creates a great relationship.”

“Similarly, when our vendors – who are [providing] the services such as plumbing, HVAC or electrical repair – know that we are committed to paying them on time, whether or not we have collected from our clients, that produces a lot of loyalty,” Jason said.

Hero Facility Services is a veteran, woman-owned and operated full-service facility maintenance firm, providing a full spectrum of services including hvac, plumbing, electrical, handyman, disaster recovery, locksmith and more. From the rooftop to the parking lot, your Heroes have you covered.

For more information, call 800-838-4376 or www.herofacilityservices.com