With a deep recruiting background across  multiple disciplines and geographies, HR Office Savers’ broad industry network allows them to access large, diverse candidate pools to help companies quickly fill their jobs with the right candidates. HR Office Savers is a human resource consulting firm, aimed at working with small businesses and individuals on staffing, compliance, and job search by providing employment advisory solutions.

For over 20 years, owner Alan Bernstein has been a professional in global staffing and human resource management. His previous staffing and HR experiences at Verizon Wireless, Honeywell International and Harris Corporation have shaped his practice, inspiring him to develop HR Office Savers

Bernstein views the Brevard area as having a certain “newness” to it. Historically, the Brevard area has been thought of as a simple beachy location and retirement style community. According to Bernstein, that view is rapidly changing. There is so much innovation in the area with growing organizations and industries. Bernstein discussed the massive merger between Harris and L3 Technologies as well as the continuous growth from NASA contributing to this. These major organizations are helping attract talented professionals to the area, and it’s showing in the rapid growth of the local population and talent pool.

This growth is of great appeal to those that are here, and those that are looking to come here. As talented professionals flood in, looking to jump on the entrepreneurial train, Bernstein wants to help prepare business owners and job seekers for the different phases of their development.

“I am teaching independent and small business owners how to job search, how to candidate search and how to fill their jobs.

Many of these owners just don’t know how to do it. They spend a lot of time building up their business from a marketing or IT perspective, branding themselves, focusing on facilities, contracts, and networking, but now, when it comes to staffing, some of these owners are lost.”

This HR assistance helps to draw in talent for both your company and the community. “We’re teaching the small business owner how to attract and hire the right candidates.”

So how does he do it? A majority of the companies that Bernstein works with are small business owners that do not have the financial resources to cover the technology available to larger organizations. Bernstein views technology as a huge enabler for a business owner. “It helps us from a compliance and expansion perspective,” says Bernstein. “Technology, however, does not solve everyone’s problems.” The solution is networking, communication, and building processes. Frankly, it’s starting from the ground up.

“Understanding how to attract people transcends technology.”

Bernstein works to help business and individuals write proper job descriptions themselves, and where to post on the multiple job posting sites. Along with this, he assists in managing the LinkedIn process, local advertising and recruitment of quality candidates. A good amount of time is spent helping managers to write a basic job description and develop a staffing plan. Through education on best practices and hands-on support, HR Office Savers can help owners and job seekers navigate the complex system of HR technologies and job searches.

Matt Weinstein

A student at the Florida Institute of Technology, Matthew Weinstein is wrapping up his final semester, where he will earn his B.S. Business Administration degree in May of 2019. Along with earning placement on the Academic Honor Roll during each of his semesters, Weinstein is also a student athlete, playing four years of varsity lacrosse with the Florida Institute of Technology DII Men's Lacrosse Program. Originally from Maryland, Weinstein ventured down to Florida to further his education and explore everything that the Space Coast has to offer.