inkID Biometric Password Manager

The never-ending struggle to manage online passwords just became easier. Founders of Authensure, Boyd Mark and Jeff Lammers, have developed the inkID™ Password Manager. The small and easy-to-use biometric fingerprint device and innovative software replaces passwords using a person’s unique fingerprint as the key. inkID’s specialized software works in concert with the biometric reader to securely maintain passwords and access the end user’s online accounts. Consumers can literally forget about passwords. This May, consumers can back the project and pre-order their inkID password manager on, an online crowdfunding platform.

inkID is unique because it is the first consumer password manager designed specifically to take advantage of the convenience and security of biometrics. Authensure’s first production run of inkID readers is complete and the Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign will fund the final phase of inkID software development. With a projected retail price of $39 for the inkID USB fingerprint reader and software, it will be the most affordable biometric solution on the market. Quantities of the initial inkID biometric readers are limited and Kickstarter supporters will have the first opportunity to own the product before it hits the mass market.

hi-res-screens-mainPassword manager applications typically require the consumer to type a master password. If that master password is lost or stolen, the consumer’s entire online identity is at risk. Using your fingerprint as a master password makes that scenario virtually impossible. inkID offers a new level of ease, security and affordability. inkID stores all information on the end user’s computer with military grade encryption. Fingerprint information is stored as binary code and there is never an image taken. inkID does not upload any information to the cloud or the internet.

“Everyone understands that traditional passwords simply are not scalable or secure in the hyper-connected world we now live in,” said inkID founder Boyd Mark, “the emergence of fast, easy and secure biometrics is clearly the answer. inkID makes that an affordable reality for anyone using a laptop or desktop computer.” Jeff Lammers adds, “It’s so easy to use your fingerprint as a master password – you can be your own password.”


Originally published by inkID