ITI Engineering Since being founded in 2003 by a group of engineers, ITI Engineering has grown into a global player in the development and manufacturing of innovative software, hardware and engineering solutions to support aerospace training and related activities. Think custom software and unique data transfer solutions that allow modern fighter and support aircraft operators to increase their sorties by reducing planning and maintenance activities.

Most recently, the company also has proved to be quite adept at seizing emerging opportunities.

ITI, a small company in Winter Springs (Seminole County), had been a supplier on the F-35 Tech Refresh 2 program for the past several years. In June 2017, when Melbourne-based Harris Corp. announced its award of the F-35 Lightning II Tech Refresh 3 (TR3) Aircraft Memory System (AMS) program, ITI literally jetted into action. The mission: establish a relationship with Harris in order to continue participating as the F-35 off-board data transfer system provider.

With the help of the Melbourne Regional Chamber, the effort became mission accomplished.

Immediately after that Harris announcement, ITI joined the Melbourne Regional Chamber as a starting point to reach out to Harris and other Melbourne aerospace companies. By virtue of the chamber membership, ITI was invited to attend a Harris Supplier Diversity meeting. As a result of that meeting, plus ITI’s product exhibits at the chamber’s subsequent Florida TechXpo conference, the Harris small business team arranged for ITI to present a capabilities overview directly to the Harris TR3 AMS program team.

The result:

ITI was selected to supply the Harris TR3 ground support unit — just 10 months from introduction to contract award. In addition, ITI now is working with five other Melbourne small businesses with consulting, export, manufacturing, quality assurance and software capabilities. Those subcontractors contribute not only to ITI Engineering’s F-35 data transfer system program, but also to its F-16 program.

“We were guided through the entire process,” said ITI Vice President Kevin Speed, referring to the chamber and the Harris small business team. “They were responsive and easy to work with.”

ITI Engineering Speed, of course, also gives his company some credit, particularly its ability to leverage experience and manage resources to be “flexible and responsive” during proposal, design, verification, production and support. Or, as he describes it,

“What we do very well is listen to your customers. And we develop information-technology solutions in the aerospace environment. We don’t do IT for your office; we do IT for aircraft programs.”

He added for emphasis, “We fill gaps and solve problems. Brainstorming, engineering, developing.”

Yet, Speed does not lose sight of the help received when his company was seeking to ensure a chance to participate in the long-term future of an all-important program. Moving forward, the company’s next steps are to pursue additional work with Harris.

“The TR3 has a great deal of expansion opportunities,” Speed concluded, “and we’re excited about what the future holds.”