Inter Ordnance (I.O.) has been providing innovative and quality firearms to both commercial and government markets for the past 20 years. The company primarily focuses on manufacturing and supplying firearms around the United States, but it also offers import services for collectors that are interested. The company started out in Charlotte, North Carolina before moving its home base to Palm Bay in 2013.

Prior to this move, the company was primarily importing firearms and parts from Eastern Europe. These items made up most of the company’s supply; however, the quality of the items was not up to its standards. In order to improve the quality of their products, I.O. decided to start making their own firearms in the U.S. and bought all the tooling necessary to mass-produce them. In order to better facilitate this fresh start for the company, the CEO, Uli Wiegand, decided to move the company down to Palm Bay, Florida to work toward only having American-made products.

“We are committed to our local manufacturing and manufacturing in the United States,” said Uli Wiegand, CEO/President of Inter Ordnance Inc.

Wiegand explained that there is a huge disparity between American-made products and products made abroad. The differences can be found in the material and the level of quality that these products hold. This difference is obvious to the company’s customers who can see and feel the difference. For I.O., it’s important to have domestic production and labor force in order to ensure this quality. The majority of the employees that work at I.O. are from the local area. Many of the talented workers and engineers that joined the company when they moved to Palm Bay had previously worked in the space program. With the help of local labor services, such as workforce Brevard, I.O. was able to secure this talent for the company.

In order to further promote local business, I.O. makes sure that its suppliers, distributors and business partners are found in the local areas or within the United States. The company’s vendors can be found all over Florida in areas like Jacksonville, Lakeland and Cocoa. I.O. also partners with businesses such as PCO of Titusville and WMD in Port Saint Lucie, who provide coding support to the company. “We try to keep the business local so we can support our Florida economy,” said Wiegand.

The company hopes to increase business with the United States government and the local law enforcement. Initially, I.O. had been focused on supplying primarily for the commercial market; however, the company is shifting gears to the government/military market. Wiegand described that he wants to pursue the military market due to the high demand that the government has for these firearms. Since I.O.’s firearms are American-made, Wiegand believes it would be beneficial to both the government and the local business. Not only would the government be able to cut cost for the manufacturing of these products, but it would also be able to ensure the quality. This would not only improve business for I.O., but also the local community in Wiegand’s eyes.

With this goal of pushing toward the military market, I.O. will be debuting new firearms in the coming months as well as pursuing government contracts. The company will be releasing its newly finished designs, the AK-103 rifle and the concealed carry revolver. These will debut at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASW) show in Orlando in the fall. These firearms will be available in the commercial market; however, I.O. is hoping to focus on the military market and law enforcement market.