Jackie Kelvington is a master at strategy and storytelling which, in the world of marketing and public relations, are the keys to connecting to people and motivating action. She’s been a go-to source for clients wanting greater awareness and new and increased business opportunities. Kelvington has been in the business for almost 25 years and has had her own consulting business for nearly 15, representing a wide range of clients and industries from economic development to construction, high tech, restaurants and non-profits, among others.

With a business development and bottom-line focus, she’s delivered high impact results for clients that include: significant media coverage, executive leadership positioning, re-branding, creative campaigns, and advocacy development, as well as strategic planning for new product, service and market entry launch.

The simple story on Kelvington … she’s proud to be considered a chief strategy and communications counselor to her clients, providing expertise that helps organizations define what they need and gain industry leadership.

Kelvington Consulting Group


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