Jacob Schweich

GRADUATION: May 2015   |   DEGREE: Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Organizational Management

HOMETOWN: West Melbourne   |   YEARS IN BREVARD: 17

Jacob Schweich is a man on a mission: to be an innovator and leader in business and use his experience as a model that others can follow.

Schweich will take a major step in that direction this month when he receives his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Organizational Management from Eastern Florida State College.

The former business owner returned to college in 2013 to pursue the program, knowing that “to achieve my goals, I needed my degree.” It’s already paying off for the 36-year-old resident of West Melbourne

A college job fair resulted in Jacob landing a position with a local information technology company, and he attributes the promotions he has received at the firm to “what I’ve learned in the classroom at Eastern Florida.”

“I’m really impressed with the instructors at the college,” he said. “I’ve always liked the fact that Eastern Florida is all about teaching the students and making sure they go out into the community prepared to add value to the area where they live.”

Next, Schweich wants to earn a Master’s Degree while focusing on a career that includes operations management. “My degree gives me a sense of accomplishment that I know will help me in the workforce,” he said. “Now I can really speak the language of business.”