Whether it has been for dental exams, mammograms or a sports injury most people have come in contact with x-rays.  In fact, they are the second most popular medical test used for diagnoses, with a wide variety of imaging applications.  But, how does x-ray film travel from hospitals and medical centers to doctors’ offices, courtrooms and even personal records at home? With the help of companies like X-Ray Copy Service, Inc.


X-Ray Copy offers a free service to medical facilities to handle their legal and private patient requests for film duplicates.  They also copy medical records and produce trial exhibits for legal cases, and while they are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, with offices in Melbourne, their pickup and delivery area includes most parts of Florida.

“If an attorney in Melbourne needs x-ray duplicates from a medical facility in Jacksonville,” Jennifer Alford, owner of X-Ray Copy, explains, “We can pick the films up, duplicate them, return the originals and deliver the copies to the attorney or their medical expert.  We also receive and ship nationwide.”

Alford and her husband bought the company close to two years ago, and have tried to maintain the same values and structure that had been in place since 1988, when X-Ray Copy was founded.  The couple had decided to purchase the business after a decision to go into business together.

“My husband and I enjoy working together,” Alford adds, “And [we] wanted to be able to find something that we could eventually do together again that would offer us some flexibility as our daughter gets older.”

Alford’s husband had previously owned his own business, while Alford had spent eight years in Australia in a management position.

But, what made the couple jump into the medical field?

Business to Business

“X-Ray Copy was a very transparent and well run business,” Alford begins.  “The previous owner was a woman with great integrity and work ethic.  She ran her small business like a large business, and although it was based out of South Florida (servicing the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties), it offered huge potential for us to expand to Brevard, where we are based.”

In addition to a new branch on the Space Coast, Alford has updated commercial items like the company logo, and purchased new equipment for the duplication services.  “Film to film, CD to film, film to CD, CD to CD, trial exhibits…we do it all,” she explains.

Despite the decrease in violent crime the state of Florida has seen in the past two years (according to the Semiannual Crime in Florida report put out by the Florida Statistical Analysis Center), domestic violence remains high, and medical malpractice reports still constitute the highest number of reports filed with the National Practitioner Data Bank each year.  These statistics, coupled with the company’s unique niche in the medical field, ensure that X-Ray Copy’s services are always in demand.

“We get x-rays on animals, machinery, body bags – it is not always humans, and they are not always alive,” she explains.  “There is not another company that does what we do in this area of the state.

State to State

There is always a need for X-Ray Copy’s services, and because film duplication remains an unsaturated niche, Alford sees her business thriving and expanding in the future.

“In 10 years, I would like us to have national exposure, whether it be through more offices or just representatives in other states that channel business back to Florida,” she adds.

Right now, though, Alford is trying to get X-Ray Copy’s name out into the local community.  Many attorneys and medical facilities do not realize that X-Ray Copy offers its services here.  While the company makes regular trips to Central Florida and Jacksonville, and maintains a steady stream of work at the Fort Lauderdale office, its business on the Space Coast is still developing.  However, with an ever-expanding medical community to serve, X-Ray Copy’s Brevard County branch should take off in no time at all – make no bones about it.