It is rare for someone to scale a start-up from an idea to global usage, in just four years. But that is what Jennifer Johnson and her husband and partner, Joel, did, when they launched their subscription based Cinchshare app. 

As a stay-at-home mother of four, Johnson wanted to earn extra money in a direct sales business. Finding she was spending around two hours a night just positioning content on social media sites, her husband suggested he write an app to simplify her job. The app worked so well for her, others began asking to use it, and soon her business was selling Cinchshare and training others to maximize its value. The app has an amazing 7,000 5-star ratings on FaceBook, and Johnson, a self-taught social media maven, has an astonishing 42,000 Facebook followers and 12,500 on Instagram


Jennifer Johnson

Title: CEO and Founder